MCC Sports Inc. and LaxLife Events has integrated with RoomRoster for our upcoming tournaments! RoomRoster provides teams with a user friendly, quick and convenient process for team registration, accommodations, roster management and communications. 

MCC Sports Inc. and LaxLife Events is providing our travelling teams with a Hotels Plus experience! By partnering withRoomRoster, both travelling and non-travelling teams will see many benefits:

·       Access to team friendly hotels with the best amenities

·       Best negotiated hotel group rates that are cheaper than online booking platforms

·       Minimal up-front commitment with a no-obligation courtesy hold

·       Team Managers have access to real time updates to monitor team room pick-up

·       Easy access booking and registration links

·       A self-managed, user friendly platform for team management

Daniel Wigfield is the dedicated RoomRoster Event Manager available to help you with any part of the registration or hotel booking process. He can be reached at:
1-888-723-2064 x 2241


Thank you for allowing our team to help your team!